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Erasmus + KA229 - School Exchange Partnerships 

School as a Launch Pad of your Career
Project dates: September 2018 – August 2020
Participating countries: 
Narva Pähklimäe gümnaasium, Estonia
Şehit Yurdakul Alcan Ortaokulu, Turkey
Escola Secundária/3 de Barcelinhos, Portugal

Gimnazija Brezice, Slovenia

December visit - Estonia


Partner organisations formed a strategic partnership to share experiences related to facilitating the development of students employability competence development and their entry into the labour market. All partners want to respond to the challenges of the labour market and prevent students' unemployment. The project is designed to help the participants to connect their interests and abilities with a profession they want to choose in the future. The participants of the project will obtain both theoretical and practical skills in the field of professional and career development. As a result of implementation of this project the students will have an individual portfolio which will serve as a starting point in the development of their employability competence and some other important for employment skills such as writing a CV, having an interview, working in a team, planning and realization of goals, time-management and financial competence. The activities will take place in the form of 4 topical units and 4 meetings in the different countries: The topical Units will cover the following topics: 


  • Uncover yourself 
  • Paperwork 
  • Communication 
  • Practice makes perfect 


The students will analyse the situation in their country labour market regarding the most demanded professions. Moreover, meetings with representatives of different professions will become a part of the training. Besides, the portfolio can be later used as an example of the accumulated experience and personal growth for other students wishing to complete the course. 4 meetings will take place in 4 different participant countries. Each partner country has an expertise area in which they are better than other countries participating in the project. The meetings in different countries will give the participants the opportunity to explore the situation in each separate country, to get the experience of a particular school and to participate in the events only available in a specific environment of every country and school. These meeting will also foster such important skills nowadays as employability and socio-educational and personal development, as well as participation in civic and social life. It will also develop partnerships between learning institutions, will give the participants different views on lifelong learning and will improve the quality and effectiveness of learning mobility experiences. 









Stage 2 “Paperwork” (January – May, 2019)
This stage included:
- Studying the laws connected with employment of youth and adult population. 
- Comparative analysis to find out the general differences and similarities. 
- Drawing up CV, motivational letters in different languages within lessons of foreign and native language
- A role-playing game – a job interview
- Learning more about national traditions/customs and costumes of each partner
2nd International meeting – Barcelos, Portugal (3rd June to 7th  June 2019)
8 students (9 from Estonia) and  2 teachers from each partner school took part in the meeting in order to exchange the results of the Paper work" stage " and to get acquainted with the situation in the country where the meeting took place. The expertise area for Portugal: main - Tourism, additional - industry and handicraft. 
The meeting consisted of the following events: 
- ice-breaking activity:“Build the highest newspaper tower!” - team-working skills development
- presentations: national costumes/customs; Portugese National Holiday
- quiz: What do I know about Portugal?
- lectures and seminars, group work to create a common product - rules for the candidates who want to be successful at the interview. 
- presentations and group work: Labour laws/employment contracts (comparative analysis)
- workshops based on the expertise area of the country + role play "Ideal vs awful job interview"; 
- workshops: building my CV, group dynamics 
- meetings with national agencies involved in the process of career building and employment as well  as entrepreneurs supporting the idea of employability of the students. 
- meeting with famous people, who are able to share their experience with the students - representatives from tourism and textile industry areas (BECRI – a local textile company- recruiting students to job vacancies-role-play). 4 volunteers from each team were interviewed. 
- trips around the city (The Pottery Museum +crafts workshop) and the country (Oporto)
The benefits of this activity:
The participants shared the experience and got a new knowledge about the topic.
During this phase of the project, the students developed different skills and gained more knowledge within the context of career orientation. They were able to develop social skills as well as language skills.
The students practiced taking part in a job interview. 
The students and the teachers exchanged the materials they had gathered by the time of the meeting and created a set of rules which each candidate had to follow when applying for a job and which will stay in participants' portfolios for future reference.
There were also moments that allowed the students to develop their creativity and artistic skills. 
The activities made it possible to learn not only about the Portuguese culture but also the Estonian, Slovenian and Turkish cultures.
The meeting took place a week before holidays and the students were able to watch the school life in reality. 


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